Hoe, bucket, pruners, and winery containers are my main tools while working in vineyards and in the cellar. I have consciously chosen to enhance the history of my vineyards, restoring vineyards that had long since been forgotten by time. I give them the opportunity to begin producing and expressing themselves again, giving them a second chance to restore as much as possible of the vines and respect their unpolluted land.

I treat the vines only when necessary and using products with a Pre-Harvest Interval equal to 0 daysand never on the preventative phase. This means a better end product for you that is free of harmful chemicals and respects the natural product.

I do not use fertilizers so as to not stress the vine with a surplus of production. This results in a tastier, more enduring vine.

Vineyards are kept with a grassy ground cover intact and we do not sow the ground, a unique practice among wineries. If and when necessary, we cut the grass among the rows and we step on the grass around the vines to keep it contained.

We harvest the grapes manually and store them in perforated boxes to reduce oxidation before they arrive at the cellar. The grape has a spontaneous natural fermentation and is aged following the best philosophy for each specific vine variety.

We do not filter the wine in order to maintain all of its natural minerals and healthy benefits. The only adulteration we accept is to add few grams of sulphites per hectolitre of wine, allowing the product to keep longer before spoiling.

The wine ages in steel tanks or wooden vats and oak barrels for a range of time that can vary from 6 months to 4 years, depending on how long it takes to reach the best determined maturity for bottling. The bottling and labeling processes are done by hand, creating a true artisan product for you to enjoy. Reserves are kept in the bottle for additional 18 months beyond a normal bottle, giving it an even more full and complex flavor.


My wine creations are the result of my personal intuition and techniques, which are alive and constantly evolving.

I follow standard protocols producing my wines while adding my own vision to the process. I adapt some traditional protocols depending on the type of wine, year, fermentation results, and my own personal, tested experiments.

Every bottle contains the essence of that year, the vineyard’s expressivity, and my signature—the personal idea of the winemaker.

My drive is to produce long-lasting wines, layering complex flavours and smells to create a unique experience that is savored by everyone who tastes it. Finding success in this goal requires me to wait, be patient, and respect the wine fermentation and aging time.

Because the best things need time…