Meet Tommaso—The Brilliant Mind Behind

Tommaso thinks of himself as a grower of dreams as his renowned line of signature wines is built on his own self-taught knowledge paired with an insatiable curiosity and passion for experimentation.

I do not own a thing but my ideas, ambitions, and perceptionssupported by a technique that i have been perfecting over the years.

While the vineyards and wine cellar in which he operates are not his own properties, he has managed them for years with care and devotion. He follows his own philosophy of wine production while maintaining environmentally friendly practices as often as possible. Each grape tells a unique story and requires a unique production process, which Tommaso is more than willing to provide to create the perfect wine to enjoy.

Tommaso’s vision is to create a wine made solely from grapes, meticulous care and attention that respects the grape’s unique variety and territory, and techniques honed by time and practice. His wines differ from others using similar-quality grapes because of his unique production process and his personal vision for each wine he creates.


The wine cellar is located in Piedmont, among the beautiful hills of the Monferrato area, more precisely at via Godio, 14 • Castelletto Merli (AL)