A sweet heart, but not so much…

A lot of people ask me: “Who is your enologist? Who is your agronomist?” … I simply say to them: my raisin wine is the answer. This wine is named Nessuno, which translates to Nobody, created to reflect my essence, my vision. I do not have external conditioning during the production of this and the other wines of Asotom company.

Nessuno is made from the overripe grapes of Barbera and produced only in exceptional years. Grapes are left to dry out on the shoot as longest as possible, until wasps come to eat them. After the harvest, we leave them in a dark area in the hayloft where they continue drying out. Every week, we remove the grapes that are not perfect to select the best quality final product. Grapes keep wilting until Christmas, when they are vinified and aged in durmast barrels for approximately 2 additional years.

This is my personal idea of raisin wine.

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