It knows how to say no, pursuing its own path, to then share its own real essence.

Egotista is a made up word that would intensify the italian word Egoista (=selfish) in its more positive meaning: confidence in your own skills mixed with an increased focus on your own ideas and visions.

Producing this wine meant accepting that you have to be able to say no, pursue your own path, and share your own real essence. This combination gives you precise aim, that in this case is a wine with a unique and unexpected taste.

These white grapes are harvested when they reach full maturation. After a light pressing of grapes kept in entire bunches, the must is left spontaneously fermenting in steel vats.

After fermentation, it ages in steel containers until August, when we bottle the wine without filtering it.

Egotista ages in bottles for at least 6 months before consumption.

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